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Biomedical Technology Services

The VEP team of biomedical technologists are certified to inspect, test, service and repair the ventilator devices and equipment supplied by the VEP.

Clients can feel confident that the equipment they receive has gone through rigorous testing and evaluation, and meets manufacturers’ specifications, prior to its release.

All ventilator devices go through a series of testing and evaluation:
  • Following the return of a ventilator device to the VEP, all equipment goes through a mandatory waiting period prior to the cleaning and disinfecting process.
  • Once released to the biomedical team, all devices undergo testing procedures to ensure they meet manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Any devices that fail to meet these specifications are serviced and retested to ensure they meet specifications prior to release to clients.
Our team of biomedical technologists:
  • Are trained and educated in electronics technology, biomedical technology or an equivalent program at the post-secondary level.
  • Go through vigorous manufacturer’s training and re-certification programs.
  • Are involved with medical device evaluation, critical incident investigation, and product recalls.
  • Work closely with the VEP team to ensure devices are performing to specifications and to ensure adequate equipment inventory available to clients.
  • Act as a knowledge resource to the VEP team and community.
  • Customize equipment applications to meet the specific needs of clients.