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New – VEP, Reacts™ now offers a confidential way to collaborate online in real time.

Clients at home and healthcare professionals are welcome to participate in this online interactive technology.

Clients, health care providers and physicians involved in home mechanical ventilation may also participate in a ReactsTM session to interact directly with a highly specialized respiratory therapist. It is possible to connect 3-5 participants during one session.

The respiratory therapist clinical educators at VEP have expertise in home mechanical ventilation and mechanical airway clearance techniques.

Minimum system requirements include:

    1. • Mobile version for Apple iOS 10 and newer


    1. • Windows 7 or newer


    1. • Processor Base Frequency of 1.8 GHz or higher


    1. • 4 GB RAM or more


    1. • 75 MB of available disk space or more


    1. • Minimal screen resolution: 1366×768 pixels


    1. • Camera and Microphone (USB or Built in)


    • Internet Connection with minimum bandwidth of 0.5 Mbit/s upload and 0.5 Mbit/s download


(*) One outbound video stream and one inbound video stream.

Information technology (IT) support is available to answer questions and troubleshoot software download and use with your computer.

To inquire about booking a ReactsTM session with one of our RRT’s please call the Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool

Telephone: 613-548-6156         Toll Free in Ontario: 1(800)-633-8977