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Educational Symposium 2017

Speaker List


Adele Baker BSc(H), PGCE, RRT

Adele Baker is a staff Respiratory Therapist at the Hospital for Sick Children, specializing in the area of Sleep Medicine within the Division of Respiratory Medicine.  Adele began her Respiratory Therapy career in 2004 as a SickKids bedside RT, moving to ambulatory care in 2006 initially in the Home Ventilation clinic and ultimately to Sleep Medicine in 2010.  Adele joined the Ventilator Equipment Pool as an in-home educator in 2016.  Prior to her career as an RT, Adele was a secondary school science teacher in Toronto.  She currently works part-time as an RT to allow time for volunteering in the local public school where her 3 young children attend.



Dave Jones BSc, RRT

Dave Jones is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and current President of the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO). He has been a Respiratory Therapist for twenty years, working in initially in acute care before moving over to the community and has spent the past 14 years in leadership roles with ProResp. Through his position as President of the CRTO, Mr. Jones represents Registered Respiratory Therapists at both provincial and national tables. In his Regional Management and Corporate Clinical Practice Lead roles, he mentors and leads ProResp’s Respiratory Therapy team in innovative Chronic Disease Management and Complex Respiratory Care projects within the South West LHIN. Dave is most passionate about professional practice and clinical competencies, ensuring quality patient care across all parts of the healthcare system.



Dr. David Leasa, MD, FRCPC

Dr. David Leasa is a member of the Divisions of Respirology and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Medicine, at WesternUniversity. He presently leads the integrated respiratory care of patients requiring long-term mechanical ventilation, both invasive and non-invasive, in the London region. Past posts have included: Postgraduate Education Director for Critical Care Western; Chair of the RCPSC Specialty Committee in Critical Care Medicine; and President of the Canadian Critical Care Society.



Carole Leblanc, RRT

Carole LeBlanc has been the driving force behind the evolution of noninvasive airway management at the Ottawa Hospital CANVent Respiratory Services Unit since 1990. Carole is presently a research coordinator with a team developing the CANVent website for the knowledge transmittal of years of clinical experience in the application of noninvasive ventilation and airway management.




Dr. Doug McKim MD, FRCPC, DABSM  The OttawaHospital, Ottawa Canada

Doug McKim practices Sleep Medicine and Neuro-Respiratory care at The Ottawa Hospital. At the University of Ottawa he is a Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of the CANVent Program at the Rehabilitation Centre and of the Ottawa Hospital Sleep Centre. He is a clinical investigator with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and past recipient of the George Karpati  Researcher of the Year Award from Muscular Dystrophy Canada. He has been invited for many national and international presentations. He is the first author of the Canadian Home Ventilation Guidelines and has contributed significantly to the knowledge of long term ventilation in Canada. His clinical and research interests include noninvasive ventilation including mouthpiece ventilation and airway clearance which often brings him to the ICU to assist in weaning patients with challenging  issues such as NMD and spinal cord injury and preventing unnecessary tracheostomy. He is proud to say that there has not been a single DMD patient with a permanent tracheostomy in Ottawa since 1993.


Regina Pizzuti, RRT, BA

Regina Pizzuti is a Respiratory Therapist and Manager of the Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool (VEP), a position she has held since the VEP was established in 1994.  Regina holds a diploma in Respiratory & Anaesthesiology Technology from VanierCollege, Montreal, Quebec and a BA from QueensUniversity, Kingston, Ontario. Regina is the recipient of the Lung Association Meritorious Service Award, 2004.  Regina has been a member of numerous committees and task forces including ADP/VEP Steering Committee, ADP Respiratory Services Standing Committee, Bi-level Pressure Devices Task Force, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Subcommittee on Home Care Ventilators and Portable Oxygen Systems, & the CRTO’s Documentation PPG Working Group and most recently member of the Chronic Ventilation Strategy Task Force and the Long-Term Ventilation Strategy Development Steering Committee.


Louise Rose, RN, PhD, FAAN

Dr Louise Rose, RN, PhD, FAAN holds the TD Nursing Professorship in Critical Care Research based at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, is an Associate Professor at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto, Canada, and is an honorary visiting professor at the Lane Fox Respiratory Unit, at Saint Thomas’s Hospital, London, UK. She is a PhD prepared nurse with an active research program and over 105 peer-reviewed publications focused on improving outcomes and experience of the ventilated patient in diverse settings including the intensive care unit, emergency department, specialized weaning centre, long-term care, and the community. Dr Rose has many years of clinical experience in various critical care settings in four countries. Dr Rose also is the Research Director for the Provincial Centre of Weaning Excellence at the MichalGarronHospital, and an adjunct scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, and West Park Healthcare Centre Toronto, Canada.


Doug Scullion, BSc, RPSGT, Regional Clinical Specialist, RESMED

Doug Scullion holds a BSc in Kinesiology and Biochemistry and has held positions at the Ottawa Heart Institute as a Cardiac Technician and in sleep diagnostics with RPSGT certification.  He has held the position of Clinical Specialist with ResMed Corp for the past 11 years specializing in sleep diagnostics/therapy and non-invasive ventilation. Doug is particularly interested in sleep-disordered breathing and co-morbidities, central sleep apnea and optimizing NIV in the home.



Joanne Smith BSc, RRT

Joanne Smith is a staff Respiratory Therapist at London Health Science Centre. Joanne began her Respiratory Therapy career in 1992 as a bedside RT, moving to Discharge Respiratory Therapist position in 2005 and became Long Term Ventilation Discharge Facilitator in 2011. Joanne joined the Ventilator Equipment Pool in 2008 as an after hour on call RT. She has an added interest in caring for patients requiring chronic mechanical ventilation, both invasive and non-invasive.



Renata Vaughan, RRT

Renata Vaughan graduated from The Michener Institute as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in 1989. Since graduation, she has been employed at Hamilton Health Sciences, her focus has been in Pulmonary Rehabilitation and respiratory care for patients with neuromuscular diseases including spinal cord injury and acquired brain injury. At the Regional Rehabilitation Centre of Hamilton Health Sciences, attention is also given to long-term ventilation, non-invasive secretion clearance and management of difficult airways. She completed the Educator/Facilitator program for COPD at the Michener Institute. She is a certified smoking cessation counselor by TEACH. Her experience also extends to education of individuals in the home using non-invasive bilevel ventilation through the Ventilator Equipment Pool service. Her main interests include non-invasive methods to manage secretions and ventilation long-term as well as advancing the respiratory therapy role in rehabilitation and the community.