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Sending Applications to the Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Ontario’s Ventilator Equipment Pool

Established in 1994, the Ventilator Equipment Pool (VEP) is a provincial service operated by Kingston General Hospital that provides life-enhancing equipment to thousands of clients across Ontario.  Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), the VEP is the central provincial depot of ventilators and related equipment for persons of all ages who require these devices at home and who have been approved under the ministry’s Assistive Devices Program.

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  • What are the objectives of a Centralized Equipment Pool

    The VEP provides ADP-approved clients with direct access to equipment. A centralized equipment pool reduces equipment costs through tendering for equipment purchases and more effective utilization of recycled equipment and provides a facility for equipment maintenance and repair services. The VEP also serves as a resource centre for consumers, community agencies and health professionals.
  • What equipment is available from VEP?

    • Ventilators, volume or pressure or mixed (hybrids)
    • Bi-level positive airway pressure devices (with breath rate function)
    • Ventilator breathing tubes / circuits
    • 12-volt batteries, battery chargers, battery cables (provided for back-up emergency power only; clients are responsible for the purchase of batteries for mobility)
    • Respiratory humidifiers for use with ventilator / bi-level positive airway pressure device.
    • Oxygen saturation monitors (effective 2007 November 1 for those applicants under the age of 19 only)
    • Mechanical in-exsufflators (cough assist device)
  • Who is eligible to receive equipment from the VEP?

    The VEP provides equipment and services to clients approved for funding assistance by ADP.

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