Equipment Distribution

Since 1994, the Ventilator Equipment Pool has been supplying ventilation devices to those clients eligible under Ontario’s Assistive Devices Program. In 2020, the program has over 6000 mechanically ventilated clients in the province of Ontario.

The program offers ventilator devices to clients for both invasive and non-invasive applications from pediatric to adult populations.

Utilizing bulk buying power and strict equipment evaluation and testing, the VEP is able to provide significant healthcare cost savings while providing up to date home ventilation devices and accessories to eligible clients in Ontario.

Equipment evaluation occurs on an ongoing basis to ensure the ventilator devices meet the current needs for home ventilated clients. Regular meetings with clinical specialists from across the province helps determine both current equipment needs as well as insight into practice changes that impacts the present and future home ventilation health needs of clients in Ontario.

Ventilator devices and some accessories are able to be recycled back into the community. Devices go through a strict inspection, cleaning, and disinfection followed by rigorous testing by our biomedical technologists prior to redistribution to eligible clients.

Equipment Distribution