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ResMed Stellar 150 Ventilator

May 15, 2014

Stellar 150: Easy access to intelligent therapy

From hospital care to homecare, invasive to noninvasive applications, paediatric to adult use …resMed’s Stellar 150 ventilator offers intelligent ventilation in one easy, accessible device.
Light, small and quiet, Stellar 150 combines simplicity with unique new features, such as ResMed’s iVAPS technology and a remote alarm.
From set-up to therapy management and monitoring, Stellar 150 is the easiest way to establish confidence among clinical staff and carers.

More in one

New! Extra assurance with remote alarm:

Stellar 150’s louder fixed and adjustable alarms have just been complemented by a new Remote Alarm which means that it is now even more suited to environments such as the hospital or for patients who need closer monitoring at home.

Mobility and portability

Equipping patients for therapy on the move with an internal battery, an optional external battery (the ResMed Power Station II) and the purpose-built Mobility bag to carry and protect the ventilator and accessories. The bag allows access to the Stellar user interface.

Integrated or external humidification options

The H4i Heated Humidifier for Stellar completely integrates with the ventilator if required. HumiCare D900 works as an external active heated humidification option when consisten humidifications in changing conditions is essential.

High Oxygen Delivery:

The device can use up to 30 L/min of oxygen, so a high FiO2 can be reached.

Advanced Technology

Low-inertia blower:

Comprised of ResMed’s low-inertia motor and impeller; delivers higher performance more quietly than a conventional motor.
Removable, replaceable air path

For easier and quicker device cleaning and servicing, minimizing any down-time.
Vsync and TiControl:

Proven ResMed noninvasive ventilation (NIV) technologies work together to improve ventilation, disease management, patient comfort and sleep quality. Therapy acceptance improves because the patient’s breathing is more ‘in sync’ with their device.

  • Manuals

  • Intelligent and Personalized

    iVAPS: intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support

    ResMed’s new ventilation mode, iVAPS, uniquely targets alveolar ventilation (i.e. minute ventilation minus dead space) rather than tidal volume or minute ventilation alone.

    A mode in itself, rather than a support function, iVAPS is designed to maintain a target alveolar ventilation by automatically adjusting pressure support.

    Combining the comfort and synchrony of pressure support with the assurance of a target volume, iVAPS technology maintains appropriate alveolar ventilation even as the patient’s respiratory needs change, such as during different stages of sleep.

  • Light and Compact

    Excellent design means that Stellar 150 packs a comprehensive range of features, functions and technologies into an easy-to-carry device that weighs just 2.1 kg.

    ResMed’s exclusive SlimLine™ tubes enhance the lightness and compactness of the system.