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The long-term in-Home Ventilator Engagement (L.I.V.E.) program is designed to help patients and families manage their ventilation needs at home via an eHealth platform called aTouchAway.  It can be used on a tablet, desktop, laptop or a cellular device.  Its features include:

  1. Routine virtual clinic visits that mirror in-person visits.  During these visits, the physician reviews the patient’s respiratory technology use and answers any questions or concerns they may have.
  2. Patient-facing bespoke care plans, which are virtual care plans jointly developed by patients, their families, and the ventilator team which can be updated at any point.  This empowers patients by giving them the opportunity to view and request changes to their care plan, thereby enhancing patient safety.
  3. Agile surveillance questionnaires – bi-monthly and monthly questionnaires used to monitor a patient’s symptoms and ventilator issues.  Patients are coded as status green, yellow, red based on their responses to the questionnaires, which are then reviewed by the healthcare team.  This streamlines and prioritizes responses by the home mechanical ventilation team to the family.
  4. Remote ventilator monitoring is conducted in real-time via a Bluetooth enabled remote ventilator download to evaluate for adherence, leak, and effectiveness.
  5. A two-way communication system – Patients, families, or ventilator team members can initiate a secure conversation over text, audio or video chat.
  6. An educational resource library is available to patients which includes customized documents and videos on educating, maintaining and troubleshooting their respiratory technology.