L.I.V.E. Commonly Asked Questions

There are no fees directly related to accessing the aTouchAway app and its associated features.  Use of the aTouchAway app requires access to high-speed internet or mobile data for full functionality (e.g. messaging, voice or video calls).  Messaging and data rates may apply and are billed by and payable to your internet or mobile service provider.  If you access and use the aTouchAway app on your personal smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, you are responsible for any costs incurred due to date usage in accordance with the terms of service of your mobile service provider.  The L.I.V.E program and Aetonix are not liable for any delays in delivery of messages and/or voice or video calls or any failure to deliver data as delivery is subject to effective transmission from your internet or mobile service provider.

Those who don’t have a computer device or cellphone at home may still be eligible for the program.  The Ventilator Equipment Pool has a limited number of tablet devices available for those who qualify.  Please contact the Ventilator Equipment Pool for more information regarding who is eligible to receive the device.  These tablet devices allow for use of the L.I.V.E. application only.  All other functionality of the tablet has been locked from the device.

No, the tablet is on loan for the duration of the project and remains the property of the Ventilator Equipment Pool.  The VEP will provide you with information on when and how to return the tablet upon the completion of the L.I.V.E. Project.

No, call 911 when you need emergency care.

While the L.I.V.E. program aims to bring you closer to your “Circle of Care” it is not to be used for calls of an emergency nature.  For those clients who feel they need immediate care, follow your physician and care teams recommendations on how you would normally receive urgent care.  This may include calling 911, or other services you may have in place when care of an urgent or emergency nature is needed.

The project duration is for 6 months, during the Covid-19 crisis.