Reacts™ offers a confidential way to collaborate online in real time.
Clients at home and healthcare professionals are welcome to participate in this online interactive technology.

Clients, health care providers and physicians involved in home mechanical ventilation may also participate in a ReactsTM session to interact directly with a highly specialized respiratory therapist. It is possible to connect 3-5 participants during one session.

Our respiratory therapists at VEP have expertise in home mechanical ventilation and mechanical airway clearance techniques.

To use Reacts you will need:

  • A computer, tablet, or a smart phone (see system requirements)
  • An internet connection (cellular, Wi-Fi, or wired)
  • A valid personal email address
  • A Guest Reacts account (will be assigned to you by your professional.  Your account is provided free of charge and will expire after 24 hours.)
  • The Reacts application – either the web or mobile version

Please click on one of the links below to access learning resources from the Reacts website.

Clients and Caregivers

VEP Staff

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