Educational Resources

Educational Resources: Goals

To provide clients, caregivers, and clinicians learning and teaching opportunities that are both relevant and current, to address their learning needs.

To develop and implement educational materials that look at present and future trends in education, and to look at innovative ways to reach out to clients, caregivers and health care professionals.

To address the current Covid-19 pandemic by providing comprehensive educational materials that are accessible to clients in their home.

VEP Educational Resources:

  • The Ventilator Equipment Pool maintains a library of clinically relevant educational materials available to clients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.
  • The VEP website: contains both written materials as well as videos. This information can be found under the “Resources” tab, including “Learning Resources by Device” as well as a library of reference materials.
  • The VEP Manager, Clinical Co-ordinator, Staff Respiratory Therapists, Biomedical Technologists, VEP Clinical Educators, clients, and health care professionals in the province work as a team to assess and implement educational materials that meet the needs of the program and clients.
  • The VEP team regularly reviews and revises educational materials to provide the most up to date information, and to ensure education is relevant and meaningful to clients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.