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A virtual care innovation for home mechanical ventilation

Monday , April 26, 2021

Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) Vol. 193, Issue 17 26 Apr 2021

Innovative virtual care program brings complex medical support into the home for Ontario patients using ventilators

New SickKids program brings virtual care to those on ventilators

December 16, 2020 12:42 PM

CityNews Toronto  | Stella Acquisto

Cristiano Buchanan, 7, has depended on a ventilator since he was a baby. Born at 26 weeks, he spent 506 days in the hospital. When he was finally released his parents were happy, but scared because he would be dependent on a ventilator and they would have to become experts in-home mechanical ventilation…For these reasons, a team of clinicians, led by SickKids and the Ventilator Equipment Pool (VEP) have started the Long-Term In Home Ventilation Engagement program or “LIVE” which allows these patients to connect with their health care team virtually through an app.

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December 17, 2020

Newstalk 1010 | Barb DiGiulio

We talk to: Dr. Reshma Amin, Staff Respirologist at SickKids and co-lead of the LIVE program Scott Williams – ALS Patient – been a part of the LIVE program  & Martha Williams, Scott’s wife

Francine Buchanan speaks about LIVE program

December 21, 2020 07:44 AM

CBC Radio One Toronto 99.1  | Gill Deacon

There’s a new program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children that hopes to make it easier for those who are considered higher risks for the virus. It allows patients to use ventilators at home to communicate with their doctors virtually, saving a trip to the hospital. Francine Buchanan brought that program to the hospital, she is a Patient and Family Engagement Coordinator at SickKids. Her son, Cristiano, lives with chronic lung disease and requires a ventilator when he sleeps at night.

LIVE program rolled out across the province

December 29, 2020 06:48 PM

CTV Kitchener  | Pauline Chan

The pandemic put a rush on plans for a virtual care program to help patients who use home ventilators. It’s been so successful they’re helping to expand it to other patients with complex needs. CTV’s Pauline Chan has more…When Cristiano was a baby he needed the ventilator 24/7 but around four years of age he became strong enough to breathe on his own…Inspired by an e-health conference in 2018, mom Francine Buchanan was working with SickKids to create an app to help these families do more at home

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