Remote Ventilator Data Downloads and Reports

Remote device data downloads have been added to the list of services offered to clients of the VEP. The VEP will provide all necessary equipment and educational materials needed for clients to remotely download ventilation data from their devices to a program known as AirView™ patient management software.

This service is currently being offered to clients who use AirCurve 10™ or Stellar 150™ bi-level positive airway pressure devices who have provided consent to have their device transmit data remotely.

Clients who have not provided consent to the wireless transmission of data, can choose to have the data downloaded from their device memory cards (SD or USB) to a computer and emailed to the VEP.

Advantages of Remote Device Data Downloads: The capture and downloading of ventilation device data remotely can be a valuable tool to assist in the evaluation of the efficacy of ventilation therapy.  Early intervention can mean recognizing disease progression, preventing hospitalizations, identifying potential issues and improving quality of life.

Contact the VEP at the number below to find out how downloading ventilation device data may be helpful in the assessment of your clients. A registered respiratory therapist can help guide you through the process of requesting remote device data download reports.

Please allow 48 to 72 hours when requesting a download report.

Request Form for Remote Ventilator Data