Remote Oximetry

Remote pulse oximetry has been added to the list of services being offered to VEP clients during Covid-19.

The VEP will loan all necessary equipment and provide educational materials needed for remote oximetry.  The equipment will be returned to the VEP following the downloading of the oximetry data.

This service is currently being offered for those clients who use AirCurve 10™ or Stellar 150™ devices who have been requested to have remote oximetry from their physician or care team.

The test data results can be sent wirelessly to the VEP via the client’s device.  For those clients who have not consented to the wireless transmission of data, the results can be downloaded from their device memory cards (SD or USB) to a computer and emailed to the VEP.

Advantages of Remote Oximetry:

When used in combination with remote device data downloads, pulse oximetry can be a useful tool in the assessment and management of both the client’s respiratory condition and their response to therapy.

Contact the VEP at the number below for further information.  Our registered respiratory therapists can guide you through the process for remote oximetry.